How to Build a Letterbox out of Plywood or Bricks

Learning how to build a letterbox allows you to choose the perfect design and materials to ensure your mailbox lasts year after year and is designed to suit your style and complement your home. If you’re tired of your leaky, rusty mailbox, or your mailbox is currently falling apart, then […]

Carpenter marking pine

Small DIY Wood Projects for Beginner Woodworkers

If you’re searching for small DIY wood projects for you and the family,  the best woodworking projects are often simple, easy to do, and turn out some pretty impressive results. Many of the projects I’ve included here can be made using some extra lumber you have lying around the yard, […]

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Table Saw Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

DIYers and woodworkers almost always depend on their table saw. In order to keep it working flawlessly and without any major hiccups for a long time, you will have to take care of it, though. That is why you have to maintain a healthy schedule of cleaning it and changing […]

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How to Do a DIY Cutting Board using Scrap Wood

How to do a DIY cutting board is a fun and simple project and one that’s affordable. You can easily make a beautiful, durable, cutting board using leftover scraps that you have hanging around your woodworking shop. The design possibilities are endless depending on the type of scrap wood you […]

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Basic DIY Wood Projects for Kids of All Ages

DIY wood projects for kids it’s a great way to get your child interested in a new hobby. These simple projects will teach your child how to be creative and bring out their artistic side. I’ve created a list of some great projects that kids will love and parents will […]

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Miter Saw Tips and Tricks to Shave Time Off a Project

Aside from the table saw, the miter saw is one of the tools you’ll find yourself using the most when it comes to furniture projects. But did you know that there are plenty of miter saw tips and tricks that you can use that  can make a particularly challenging project […]


How to Use a Thickness Planer for the Smoothest Results

Learning how to use a thickness planer is a great alternative to purchasing milled wood, which is expensive. Instead, you can purchase rough cut lumber and plane each side, which will turn out smooth, beautiful results. With all the money you’ll save on wood, you can take on more projects […]

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How to Use a Jointer Planer Safely

Many woodworking projects will require you to learn how to use a jointer planer in order to square the edge on a board perfectly. While there are a variety of ways to perform this task, using a jointer offers unparalleled precision. However, in order to get this machine to deliver, […]

Circular Saw

How to Sharpen a Saw: Beginner-Friendly Techniques

Learning how to sharpen a saw will ensure a cleaner smoother cut for better results. Hand saws have been used in woodworking for hundreds of years, and learning how to keep a hand saw sharp can be a real challenge especially for the beginner. But in order for your saw […]

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How to Operate a Table Saw: Ripping the Right Way

Did you know that almost all injuries that are table saw related are avoidable if you use the right techniques? Learning how to operate a table saw safely can prevent injuries and ensure you achieve the desired results. If you learn how to safely make a variety of cuts, including […]

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How to Cut Wood Without a Saw: The Best Alternatives

The art of woodworking involves many steps including sharpening, cutting, shaping, and more. Each and every project will require attention to detail and finesse to achieve the desired results. The results of each project are often dependent on a variety of factors including the type of tools you use, the […]

vintage book shelf

DIY Bookshelf Ideas

If you’re looking for a fun, easy to do woodworking project, then this guide on DIY bookshelf ideas is right up your alley. For the book lover, a bookshelf is a staple in the home, but these shelves can be pretty pricey, especially if you’re searching for one that’s unique […]