Dewalt DW745 Portable Table Saw Review

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The Dewalt DW745 portable table saw features a ten inch blade and a fifteen AMP motor that’s able to quickly cut through any type of wood. The twenty inch rip easily cuts through tough material and the compact saw has a weight of forty-five pounds. Dewalt is a popular manufacturer that produces a wide range of power tools pros and amateurs love to use. Their tools have a reputation for quality and reliability, which is what makes this model so popular with hobbyists and woodworkers. With a lightweight design for ultimate portability, and enough power to handle tougher jobs, this table saw has it all in terms of features, ability and ease of use.

Our Verdict
Despite its price, the DeWalt DW745 is a table saw that you want to have at your disposal. It is extremely potent and versatile in its cutting abilities and is an ideal fir for any work shop or construction site. It requires little to no maintenance and all of its parts are easily assembled. The model also comes with a variety accessories, which to a point justifies the price. Still, if you are on a tight budget, there are other models that you can consider first.

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Features & Characteristics

This saw comes packaged with 24 T carbide blades, miter gauge, push stick and blade guards. All of these components help to keep you safe while also allowing you to experience only the most precise cuts. The high torque motor and the ten inch blade that can run at 350 RPM makes this a powerful saw that has the ability to cut through any type of pressure treated lumber or hard wood. This model comes with a site-pro modular guarding system. This system makes it easy to set up the saw for a number of applications. The pinion and rack fences help when it comes to making adjustments without the need of tools.

For most consumers, it was hard to find any drawbacks with this product. A common consumer complaint involved the model’s price. Additionally, it also doesn’t have support for the dado stack. However, this model is designed for small cut jobs, so having dado capability isn’t a must have.

Dewalt DW745 Portable Table Saw

Product Rating: (5/5)

  • Easily adjustable rack and pinion fence system
  • Compact in size
  • Easy to move around despite its weight
  • Potent 15 amp motor
  • Easily cuts through hard wood
  • 16 inches of maximum rip cutting
  • Sturdy base

Motor & Blade Capacity

The motor here is a 15 amp one, capable of producing more than 2hp which is great for a portable electric table saw. That power is adequate enough to cut through pressure-treated lumber and hardwood. The no-load spinning speed of the blade is 3850 which isn’t as high as the Bosch GTS1031 but it has a lot of consistency to its power once you start cutting.

The fence system on this model allows for a 20 inch rip capacity which is more than most other models in this class. The rack and pinion rails allow for easy adjustments that are smooth, accurate, and fast. If you want to transport the saw you can retract the rails to help you with transport.

The maximum cut depth here is 3 and 1/8 inches when cutting at a 90 degree angle and 2 and 1/4 inches when cutting at a 45 degree angle. Those numbers aren’t great, especially considering that some lower priced models beat them but they are easily good enough for almost all tasks you can think of.

The blade itself is a 10-inch carbide one that is really durable and if something happens to it, DeWalt cover that in their warranty for the first 2 years.


The DW745 comes with the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System which makes it easy for you to adjust almost any part of the saw without any specific tools. The guarding components themselves are easily adjusted and require no maintenance.

The table surface has coating to it, which really sets this table saw apart from other models that come with a scratch-prone surfaces. That surface also improves the cutting quality.

The roll cage base is made out of metal and is a must-have for anyone looking to use the table saw in field conditions. Plastic bases are to be avoided in those scenarios.

Table Saw Instructions from DeWalt

As with any type of portable table saw, before you begin a project you need to attach a ¾ inch plywood base that has a hole cut into the center. This type of base will allow the user to screw or clamp the table to a couple of sawhorses, which in turn will provide a large foundation for much-needed stability. This do it yourself stand will also raise the saw to a comfortable working height, off the ground. The hole located in the bottom of the plywood works to allow sawdust to fall through while also encouraging better air circulation so the saw stays running cool.

For storage purposes, drill two half inch holes on one side of the plywood stand. This allows you to hang your saw from hooks fastened to the garage or workshop wall when it’s not in use.

Make sure the plywood base is cut a few inches longer and wider than the saw’s base. Next, cut a one square foot hole directly in the center. Now, center the saw on the plywood, marking the mounting holes. Take a drill and make a 1/8 inch hole in the plywood at each mark. Take the plywood and flip it over, drilling one inch diameter holes that are a quarter of an inch deep in order to recess the carriage bolt heads. In the center of the recesses you’ll want to drill 5/16 inch holes.  After you have pounded in the carriage bolts you can then place the saw over the bolts using spacers, then fasten the saw to the base of your stand using nuts and washers.

Kickbacks can occur and they can be pretty dangerous. They usually happen when the user crosscuts directly against the rip fence. The kickback will happen when the portion of the board between the blade and the fence is pinched. During this time the blade catches it and throws it back at you. The user can prevent this issue by using a block. Make your own block, clamping it to the side of the rip fence, positioning the fence at the right distance from the blade. The block should be clamped so that the material you’re cutting does not come into contact with you as it enters the blade.

Using this crosscutting method can help to prevent the material from binding between the spinning blade and the fence. Avoid making cuts that can bind the blade in any way. Before you begin, think through all the cut setups.

Additional Features

Considered an extremely durable piece of equipment, this saw also comes with a ninety day money back guarantee and one year of free service. You can also choose to purchase an additional three year limited warranty.

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Something that we love about this model is that it comes with a dust collection port, which is great for people that have a collection system installed in their workshop. It has a 2 1/2 inch port which you can connect to a Shop-Vac, for instance.

Now, let’s take a peek at some of the pros and cons of this model…

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Easily adjustable rack and pinion fence system
  • Compact in size
  • Easy to move around despite its weight
  • Potent 15 amp motor
  • Easily cuts through hard wood
  • 16 inches of maximum rip cutting
  • Sturdy base


  • A bit heavy
  • The downside for this model involves the miter gauge. Some consumers complained that the miter gauge can be difficult to read and there are no stops for angles that are frequently used.

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Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (5/5)

This saw is definitely considered a steal for the price and a model that can definitely make your job in the shop go much smoother. Durable, dependable and easy to use, this Dewalt is highly portable and suitable for amateurs and pros alike. For the ease of use, high quality fence capabilities and the reasonable pricing we gave this Dewalt saw a solid five out of five stars rating.